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Who runs the Centre?

The Centre is managed by a Committee made up of parents, interested community members and staff. This Committee meets once per month to review reports generated by the Manager and staff. They also discuss current issues, review Policies and Procedures and plan for the future. The Centre is operated by a Manager and staff on a daily basis. All enquiries should be directed to the Centre Manager.

How is KCCC Inc. linked with the local council?

The City of Greater Dandenong is the Centre’s Sponsor. This means that the Centre has close links with the local Government and its resources. Local Government does not fund the Centre.

How do I pay my fees?

Parents pay their fees via the Ezi Debit system. The Office Manager will help families with all enquiries.
Fees are paid fortnightly or by arrangement with the Centre Manager.

What kinds of Policies does the Centre have?

The Centre has over 70 policies. These may be found in a folder on the shelf just outside the Office. The Parent Handbook also contains many of the Centre’s Policies.
Policies cover a wide range of issues including health, finances, staffing and safety.

Do I pay if my child is away?

Yes. This ensures a place is kept for your child at the Centre.
On enrolment you will be notified of your fortnightly fee.

If my child is absent, what do I do?

If your child is to be absent, please contact the Centre as early as possible on the day.
If you are receiving Child Care Subsidy and your child is ill, it is essential you gain a Medical Certificate to give to your child’s teacher.
It is also essential if your child is absent for the following reasons, you provide certain documentation:

  • A parent has a rostered day off and chooses to keep the child at home
  • A parent who works rotating shifts & chooses to keep the child at home
  • The child’s sibling has a pupil free day & the parent chooses to keep the child home
  • The child’s sibling’s school is closed & the parent chooses to keep all children home (this does not include     School Holidays)
  • Court Ordered shared Custody agreements

If you are receiving Child Care Subsidy, your child may only be absent for 42 days during any one financial year apart for those reasons listed above and receive Child Care Benefit. If your child is absent for more than 42 days, you will be required to pay full fees as no Child Care Subsidy will be paid to you. Contact Centrelink for further information on 136 150.

What is a typical day at KCCC Inc.?

Our days are not regimented; they rather flow where children ease into the next activity. There is a framework though –

7-9am Indoor/Outdoor Activities

9.00am Morning Tea – might be served Indoors or Outdoors

9.30-11.30 Indoor/Outdoor Activities

11.30-12.30 Lunch – might be served Indoors or Outdoors

12.30-3.00 Some children sleep and some continue with Indoor/ Outdoor Program

3.00pm Afternoon Tea – might be served Indoors or Outdoors

3.30-6.00 Indoor/Outdoor Activities

Do all children sleep?

No. If children need to sleep or if parents request specifically their child should have a sleep we provide all bedding and a mattress and most children who do sleep do so after lunch. Of course, the younger children and babies sleep when they are tired or according to the family routine. In our Nursery we have a separate Sleeping Area where babies may sleep in uninterrupted peace. Babies are monitored through glass and via an Intercom System and staff make 10 minute checks – all of which is recorded. A relaxed atmosphere is present in all sleeping areas with subdued lighting, gentle music playing and teachers who readily give a back rub!

What does my child need to bring each day?

All children need to bring a bag containing at least two changes of spare clothes, a sun hat (these may be purchased from the Centre) and sun glasses during warm weather or a warm hat and coat for the colder months. Each class may also request things like – a toothbrush, slippers during the winter months.

Will you help me toilet train my child?

Of course we will! Before toilet training occurs, teachers will discuss with the child’s parents their child’s readiness, what strategies are in place at home and what we can both do to ensure the process is a smooth one for all involved.

Can my child bring comfort toys to the Centre?

Yes, we encourage this! We know that young children need the support of a dummy, teddy, blanket or something similar from time to time. These comfort items are often needed especially when a child commences at the Centre or in times of upset. Comfort items when not needed by the child will be kept either in the child’s basket or locker but may be accessed at any time.

Does the Centre provide breakfast?

No. If parents are finding time an issue in the morning, they may bring the child’s breakfast to the Centre and we will be very happy to give it.

Will my child have her own locker?

Yes, sometimes some children may have to share a locker but all children have their own space to store their bags and work. Parents also have a special space allotted where notices are placed.

What if my child does not like the food offered?

Whilst children are encouraged to try our menu, there will be sometimes where a child may not wish to eat what is offered. In this instance a sandwich or other food will be offered to the child.

What if I can’t collect my child?

On enrolment you will have given written permission for others to collect your child. If you are unable to collect your child you will need to contact the Centre to let them know the situation. If you send one of the authorised people to collect your child we will release your child into this person’s custody after checking their identity against their Driver’s License.
If you wish to send a person who you have not previously authorised, you will need to contact the Centre, describe the person in detail, give the persons full name and address and ensure you add this person to your “authorised persons list” at the Centre as soon as possible.
As before, we will release your child into this person’s custody after checking all details and their identity against their Driver’s License.

What is the difference between the KCCC Inc. Kindergarten and others?

Basically, the difference is the amount of hours the program operates and the number of teaching staff.

  • Sessional Kindergartens operate in “sessions” ex) 3 or 5 hours long for up to 15 hours per week only.
  • Sessional Kindergarten only operate during school terms.
  • Sessional Kindergarten may have other non-operational days during the year.
  • Our Kindergarten sessions are from 8.00am to 1.00pm every day and child care is available before and after these sessions. Learning from the Kindergarten session is continued into the child care program.
  • We operate 49 weeks of the year.
  • Each day, we have five teachers working with our children.
  • We provide all meals.

What do I do if my child is sick?

If your child is sick and requires one to one care and attention and/or s/he is contagious, s/he will need to stay home. A Doctors Certificate is required (see Question 8 ) and a Doctor’s Clearance letter may be necessary before s/he returns to the Centre if your child suffered a contagious illness.

What does the centre do if my child falls sick at the Centre?

Teachers will contact you and request you or one of the persons you have authorized to collect your child to come to the Centre as soon as possible and take your child home.
If your child has a temperature, teachers may ask your verbal permission to issue Paracetamol. If you give this verbal permission you will need to sign appropriate Medical Forms when you are next at the Centre.

Will the teacher give my child medicine?

Centre Policy allows teachers to administer medications only if the parent has given correct written authority according to Children’s Services Regulations.